Adithya Chari


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About Me

I’m currently a quantitative developer at DRW on the Fixed Income, Commodities and Currencies Options desk. DRW is a proprietary trading firm providing liquidity to a wide range of asset classes, particularly in derivatives markets. The work I do is mostly concerned with developing and maintaining systematic market making strategies, as well as building tooling for traders.

Prior to this, I interned at Akuna Capital, another company in the same space, where I worked on developing a trading engine runtime. Specifically, I designed a resource allocation algorithm for processes sharing the same hardware. I also interned at Cloudflare, where I worked on a low-level packet routing product for enterprise customers, developing a distributed traceroute API. I also developed a portion of Cloudfare’s Magic WAN product, which is now used by some of their largest enterprise customers (including the New York Stock Exchange).

I graduated with my BS and MCS from the University of Illinois in May 2022, where I focused on coursework in algorithms and theory, cryptography, and distributed systems and networking. My favorite classes were the ones I struggled the most with, which I truly believe is the most important thing one can do while learning.